Membership Guidelines and Policy

The Marjorie & Lewis Katz Jewish Community Center is built on a strong foundation of community service and trust. We provide programming in a safe and welcoming environment where everyone is entitled to feel that they belong, and where all members, program participants, volunteers and staff are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

To help maintain this environment, we expect that everyone using our facility, or participating in our programs is aware of and follows the important policies listed below.

Membership Policies

Annual Rates are available for 12 month memberships paid in-full, or perpetual memberships deducted monthly from a checking account, or credit card via monthly Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

Monthly Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) memberships require a 30 day cancelation notice that can be completed at the Welcome Center in the Main Lobby. A $50 termination fee will be applied for cancelations during the first 12 months. Annual and perpetual memberships may be placed on hold for medical reasons, or for extended travel ONE time in a 12 month period.

Short-term memberships must be paid in-full. Short – term memberships are not eligible for hold.

Responsible Use of the Center

The Katz JCC is a shared space for people of all ages and abilities, including children. Help us keep everyone safe by using the JCC responsibly.

  • All members are required to check in at the Welcome Center in the JCC Main Lobby.  If members do not have their card, they must provide their first and last name to allow the Welcome Center Staff to check them in. This includes when attending classes and programs outside the fitness center.  
  • Any new members and guests, under the age of 16, entering the JCC must complete an enrollment form including a waiver completed by a parent or guardian.
  • There will be no smoking and vaping, including cannabis, in our facility and within 100 feet of our grounds.
  • Anyone found to be using the facility or acting in an unacceptable manner will be subject to a suspension of their membership privileges.

Age Requirements 

These policies are for the safety and well-being of all JCC members. 

  • Children under 13 must be accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian when not attending a supervised program.
  • Children under 14 are not permitted in the Fitness Center, Aquatics Center, or Group Fitness Studio unless they are attending a scheduled class, or program directed by JCC staff.  
  • ONLY members ages 14 and over will receive their own membership card to access the facility on their own.
  • The Adult Locker Rooms are only available for adults ages 18 years, or older.  Members must use their membership cards to access the Adult Locker Rooms. 

Guest Requirements

All guests under 16 must complete a guest enrollment form including a waiver completed by a parent or guardian.

Additional policies are included in the Membership Waiver and Facility Use Agreement.
Please visit the Welcome Center for the complete list of policies.