Our Aquatics Department stands as a hub of aquatic activity in Atlantic County, offering a diverse range of programs tailored to all ages. Central to our offerings is our 25-meter Olympic-length heated indoor pool, equipped with six lap lanes, ensuring swimmers have a year-round space to enhance their technique, endurance, and overall well-being. Our private swim lessons are thoughtfully designed to accommodate individuals of all skill levels, fostering a nurturing environment that is especially advantageous for children taking their first strokes or refining their abilities.

We take immense pride in the Margate Sharks Swim Team, catering to young swimmers with competitive aspirations. This program not only helps children sharpen their swimming skills, but also instills important values like teamwork and discipline under the guidance of experienced coaches.

Our Aquatic Fitness Classes provide a unique and effective way for adults to stay active and engaged in the water. These classes integrate water resistance into invigorating workouts, accommodating a range of fitness preferences and levels.

With the arrival of summer, our outdoor pool becomes a focal point, offering families and friends a place to relish the joys of outdoor swimming and leisurely afternoons in the sun. Whether you’re a child embarking on your aquatic journey, an adult seeking fitness through water activities, or a family looking for seasonal outdoor enjoyment, our Aquatics Department offers an inclusive and comprehensive aquatic experience for all.

Pool Schedule

Our comprehensive pool schedule outlines the days and times for all our aquatic activities, including lap swimming, private swim lessons, the Margate Sharks Swim Team practice, Aquatic Fitness Classes, and access to the seasonal outdoor pool during the summer months.

Lap Swimming

Lap swimming enthusiasts of all skill levels can enjoy dedicated time in our heated indoor pool, featuring six 25-meter Olympic-length lanes for year-round aquatic workouts.

Aquatic Group Classes

Stay active and energized with our Aquatic Fitness Classes, where the resistance of water combines with dynamic workouts to create a refreshing and effective way to enhance your fitness.

Swim Lessons

Our private swim lessons offer personalized instruction, perfect for children looking to build confidence and skills in the water under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Margate Sharks Swim Team

The Margate Sharks Swim Team provides an exciting opportunity for young swimmers to develop their competitive edge while fostering teamwork and personal growth under the mentorship of skilled coaches.

Lifeguard Certification

Lifeguard Certification and recertification courses are available, ensuring individuals possess essential skills and knowledge to maintain water safety and respond effectively in aquatic environments.