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Our basketball leagues offer an exciting and competitive sporting experience. With dedicated referees ensuring fair play, players compete each week in thrilling games that lead to exciting playoffs and a championship showdown. It’s more than just a league; it’s a community of basketball enthusiasts coming together to showcase their love for the game and vie for the coveted title of champions. Leagues take place throughout the year Join us for a season filled with camaraderie, sportsmanship, and unforgettable moments on the court.


  • Week Nights 6-9pm
  • Team T-Shirt
  • Referees
  • Playoff Schedule

Summer registration NOW OPEN!

Men’s League

High School League

Beginning the Week of July 9

Season & Annual Sponsorships for the Basketball Leagues are now available!

For more information on Basketball Sponsorships contact Brian Adler, badler@jccatlantic.org.

League Rules


The ultimate goal of the Katz JCC is to provide its players with a fun and safe basketball experience. The Katz JCC is here to foster good sportsmanship in the form of competitive Basketball Leagues. 


10 regular season games, score keepers, game balls, championship trophy, playoffs and officials. League jerseys are included in the league fee and must be worn.


  • All teams will have a 10 man roster limit. Each roster needs to have each player’s full name. All players must be 18 years of age or older and out of high school. All players must sign a players Code of Conduct and release form before they can participate to release the Katz JCC, League Sponsors, and any other person connected with the League of any responsibility in case of an accident.
  • Rosters will be frozen after week four. Teams will not be permitted to add players after this time without consent from the Sports and Recreation Director.
  • No non-roster players will be allowed to participate in regular season or playoff games, except by the approval of the League Commissioner. Games will be forfeited if an illegal player participates. The League Commissioner will fill in for any team that needs a fifth player during the regular season.
  • Players must play in at least three games to be eligible for the playoffs.
  • Players must wear the league jersey for all games. If a player doesn’t have the league jersey they will receive a bench technical foul. The other team will receive 2 shots at half time. This technical does not go against the players 5 to be disqualified from that game. Once the second half starts the technical fouls will not be awarded and no free throws will be taken.


The games will be guided by the National Federation Rules with the following modifications:

  • Two 20 minute halves running time. Stop time is the last minute in the first half and final two minutes in the second half. If a team is leading by 12pts or more the clock will run until the score differential is less than 12 pts. This rule will not be used in the playoffs. Overtime is three minutes with the last one minute stop time.
  • Five Personal fouls to foul out. Any player fouling out of a game may not return to the game. In the event that there are only five roster players present, player may return to the game but each foul will be counted as a technical. One and one on the 7th and two shots on the 10th team foul in both halves.
  • Two shots for any technical foul and loss of possession. Referees are under any obligation to warn players first. All misconduct technical fouls will incur discipline by the next game.. Two misconduct technical fouls in one game is a disqualification from that game and the player must leave the premises. Any player ejected from a game must leave the premises. In those two instances the player is also suspended for one game. If a player during a season is disqualified from 2 games or is ejected twice that player is disqualified from the league.
  • One timeout per half; they do not carry over into the next period, including overtime. Teams will receive 1 timeout for each overtime period.
  • Teams can start and play a game with 4 roster players. If a team is unable to field four roster players they will have a 10 minute grace time from the scheduled start time of their game. At the end of 10 minutes that team will forfeit the game. Only rosters players will be allowed to play.


  • The League has the right to change a game’s date and time if needed. This usually does not occur but in a rare occasion this could happen. Once the league schedule has been created no modification can be made.


First fight: Disqualification from the league. If a punch is thrown or a ref thinks it was a punch it’s considered a fight. Any verbal or physical threat to any score keeper, official, JCC staff or another league player will result in the player’s immediate dismissal from the league. There are no warnings for this infraction.


Players must wear the league jersey with numbers for all games. If a player doesn’t have the league jersey they will receive a bench technical foul. The other team will receive 2 shots at half time.


A referee may call a game before time is up to ensure safety and to avoid altercations between teams.

The Katz JCC shall have the authority to rule on circumstances not covered by the rules.


All teams will make the playoffs unless the Commissioner decides otherwise.

Players must participate in at least 3 games to be eligible for the playoffs.


If your team forfeits a game and the League Commissioner is not informed before noon time of the game day your team will incur a $50 fine payable by the next game. Failure to pay the fine will result in not being able to play until the fine is paid. That fee will be given to the opposing team. The fee is only the cost of the officials and scorekeepers. It is unfair to teams to show up or be notified late of a forfeit. If you forfeit two games in a season you will not be eligible for the playoffs.