Semi – Permanent Display Beginning May 1, 2024

Through the Lens: Humans of October 7th Lecture with Renowned Photographer Erez Kaganovitz

Since the horrendous and devastating attack on Israel my world, like many others in Israel and around the world stopped. It seems like not only Israel won’t be the same after this brutal attack but also the whole Jewish world. Since the October 7th horrific attack, the incitement on the streets and social media fueled antisemitism and misconceptions about Israel and the Jewish people at large.

As an artist and a photojournalist, Erez Kaganovitz is fighting back against these misconceptions and rising antisemitism by showing the Human side of Israel. His photos highlight the Human elements of Israel providing a reminder of what Israeli society is all about and what they are actually fighting for.

To do so Kaganovitz created the Humans of October 7thexhibition. The exhibition is an ongoing project that brings to light the human stories of the unique Israelis who stood up against evil. It shows the Israeli D.N.A. at its best and shows the incredible spirit and resilience of the Israeli people.