Thursday, August 1 – 7:00 pm

BEATOLOGY is America’s newest and most exciting tribute band. Part of their charm is the fact that this fabulous foursome are made up of youngsters who are all of the same age as the band they portray were in their heyday. Brought together in 2019 (by fate, luck, or a man on a flaming pie depending on who’s side you’re on), you’ll be hard pressed to fi nd any young men their age who are not only die hard Beatle fans, but those who look, sound and exhibit the same energy and drive as their contemporaries. These four boys have had their share of experience in music (all playing since childhood and participating in a variety of projects) and are sure to make your crowd happy. Audiences will not only be able to relive their past, but those who weren’t there to experience it are sure to have an idea of what it was like when they see BEATOLOGY!